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  1. Ben Wood

    Hi van man.
    Can you tell me what size your front dif your lokka fitted in? I saw you changed the rear to the bigger dif so i guess you have the smaller internals in the front diff. Also do you need to fit free wheeling hubs to run a lokka?
    Also i have headley2009 tps controller and my at light flashes on hills if it is turned on. Perhaps your triptronic is causing it.


    1. vanmanv8 Post author

      Hi Ben, there are apparently two different size lokka for the Delica front. They have different amounts of axle splines. Mine was a 25 spline.
      The rear diff is physically bigger but still the same ratio 4.875:1
      The flashing A/T light doesn’t worry me. Its obviously some feedback somewhere and not an actual problem with the trans.


      1. Ben Wood

        Thanks for the quick reply. Can you write up a review of the lokka on your blog? Or just reply with your thoughts? Eg why you put it in front rather than back, is it noisy, is it hard to steer, do you need to run free wheeling hubs (with mitsi superselect doesn’t one halfshaft still turn).
        I just found a lsd 9” dif and i am thinking of running a lokka in front. I have looked at and their vehicle select says it wont fit in my delica. Where did you get yours?


  2. vanmanv8 Post author

    Hi Ben – I got mine through and it took months to get it.
    I’m intending to put an original Mitsi air locker centre in the rear diff. Pajero ones can me made to fit with if you get the right model and do some fiddling with axle lengths.
    I do use FW hubs on the front so the lokka does not interfere with highway driving.
    There is a video on my youtube channel



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