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More mods to the van

I’ve not done any fishing for a few months, not because I don’t want to, but because my right arm is stuffed and I cannot cast the rod…
What we thought was tennis elbow, (see the post below) turned out to be a torn tendon.
So after lots of painful physio and not much improvement it was suggested that I get a scan done. This revealed the cause of my discomfort, and I was immediately given a cortisone injection, which has helped a lot.
In the meantime, I’ve been tinkering with the van, (code for spending more money on it).
New bigger tyres, caused a problem in that the sliding door wouldn’t open fully because it hit the tyre. This issue was solved with an extended door hinge arm imported from Australia.
Front brakes were improved with new disks and pads.
While I was in there I also fitted a set of manual front hubs so I can now disengage the front axles when touring. This should help both fuel economy and wear and tear on front cv’s and boots.
You can read all about the mods here

On a slightly more positive note.

Over the last two months I’ve been working flat out on my new van to get it ready for the fishing/camping expeditions I hope to do.
The engine is finally dyno tuned, the wiring sorted, its been panel beaten and painted.
One thing that did show up on the dyno (and to a certain extent on a recent trip to Taupo) is the fact that the engine runs a little hot under high load.
Discussing this with the tuner (who also runs the same 1UZvvti engine in a competition truck) we decided it was just an airflow issue. It has a larger than standard radiator and two 12inch SPAL fans sucking through it but the problem appears to be that the air is obstructed from actually getting into the radiator due to the bullbar/winch etc.
I have since fitted a 16inch Davies-Craig ‘pusher’ fan to the front of the radiator. This is currently on a manual switch so that I can have it still running after shutting down.
This required a lot of surgery to make room for the fan between the grille and radiator

Other than that, she’s going well enough. I’m still having issues with the tiptronic unit digital display freezing which causes it to eventually lose TCL requiring a stop/restart.

Went for a fish locally this weekend. Conditions weren’t ideal with a stiff southerly blowing, making life uncomfortable on the beach. No fish were caught (by me at least) but some others did well.
Those who ventured north a few hundred kilometres did very well indeed with plentiful Snapper filling their bins etc.

You can follow the progress of this van build on its own dedicated page here