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So that was summer…….

As usual its been a while since I’ve logged in here, and even now I don’t really have anything startling to write. Summer fishing locally around Napier has seen an improvement in catches of Snapper over previous years. There are a few theories as to why this may have happened, one being the tentative agreement between recreational and commercial fishers to ease off on the snapper trawling between December and February out at the ‘springs’ offshore from Napier.
Whatever the reason or cause of the comparative abundance, for the first time in many years the surfcasters of the area have had better odds of catching Snapper.

A good mate of mine who is by any measure a surfcasting ‘guru’ and constantly astounds the rest of us mere mortals with his catches, stated it was the first time in memory that he has been able to catch is limit of 10 in one day here in Napier.  Most of the time 10 fish per season from Napier beaches would be considered an epic catch. To get the legal limit of 10 is absolutely unheard of.
I even managed to catch a couple myself which is nothing short of miraculous..

Baby Hammers are a reasonably common bycatch

I haven’t ventured away as much as I would have liked during the summer due to work commitments and budgetary constraints. I did however manage a trip to Mohaka where I bagged a couple of good Smoothhounds, one weighing in at 11kg wet and 7.5 trunked.

One of the smaller Smoothhounds

I had planned a trip to the far north, (this week actually) but things conspired against me and unforseen problems soaked up the holiday money before I could get there, so that will need to wait another year.

We had a friend visiting from USA and she wanted to do some fishing, so we drove to Whakaki to find clean water (it was muddy locally)
Whakaki is a very steep shingle beach with deep water in close. She was at he waters edge waiting to cast when a large wave came through and the back wash dragged her into the trough.
I was baiting up, looked across to see he disappearing into the waves.
I sprinted in and got hold of her but the next wave got us both and we ended up both under water.  I managed to get to my feet, grab her and drag towards the beach out of big wave range both of us spitting up water and snot. The rod and reel was lost. I caught my breath finally and grabbed my nearest rod, cast in to where she had been and slowly dragged the rig ashore a few times.
Eventually the sinker wires hooked in a ring on the lost rod and I got that back.
After we had got ourselves together and resumed fishing, Tracy caught a small eagle ray, while I was trying to unhook it I got barbed in the back of my left hand.
I’ve caught and released dozens of rays, some up to 50kg so it was just sheer complacency and entirely my own fault that it managed to stick me. It was incredibly painful and bled like crazy. My hand swelled up like a blown up glove and that and the pain forced an end to our trip.
We both lost our glasses (mine were $750 prescription polarised sunglasses) she also lost her hearing aids, but in the end none of that matters, we were just happy to get home alive.

Mohaka Sunset




Did a day trip to Mohaka, which in hindsight is a crazy thing to do in May because the place is just crawling with baby sharks at this time of year. Its a good way to force a redo of all traces when you get home.

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2016-05-29 12.27.18a