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What to do during lockdown

So I had four weeks of holiday but had to spend it at home because of our covid lockdown. What do you do to keep busy? Make additions to the pond in the form of a cascade/waterfall.
The submersed pump in the pond supplies water to a bio/uv filter hidden in the top of the cascade. The cleaned water runs down the cascade and into the pond.

Shit things that happen..

So its been a shit last few months in my life. After losing my mum in September last year, I lost my only brother in July this year to suicide.
Its not something you can ever come to terms with. You can try and try to understand why, and question yourself forever with the ‘what-ifs’ but nothing is going to change the facts, they’re both gone and I’m alone.
These things make you painfully aware of the need to avoid taking anything for granted. Family and friends, loved ones, life is so fragile and ultimately temporary..
I am eternally grateful to my wife Michelle and my kids Jason and Samantha for their support.


Stephen (mouse) and Mum – rest in peace 😦