Rebellion from the ground floor

Call me a grumpy old man but the current politics around the globe are going to cause civil unrest at a level we have not seen before.
Governments applying double standards ‘laws’ all based on this pandemic bullshit.
And yes I am vaccinated x2 and believe in the science.
Celebrities and sports people (and anyone with enough money) can circumvent travel restrictions but people trying to get home to families cannot.
It’s double standards bullshit!
I am informed by the media and government that I should be vaccinated to stop the spread of the virus and thus help others. Yet I am also informed by scientists that my vaccinations will not stop me contracting and spreading the virus….????
So what was the point?
I may become less sick and not die from it.
I could also also get cancer or die on the roads but nobody gives a shit about that..
Cancer and road deaths are things that happen, Society has accepted that.
Covid will be the same.

Those who know me, know that I work for a mail and courier company. ( I cannot mention their name because that is forbidden and will result in a visit to the bosses office)
We have just transitioned through “peak” which is the company term for the xmas new year mayhem. It is a time when our workload doubles and triples as you the ‘public’ send mail and packages to each other in order to comply with the expectations of the festive season.
I must have delivered at least 50 xmas cards today on the 5th of January, I must assume they are early xmas cards for next year 🙂
This will carry on for another two weeks or so.
Christmas time is a perplexing time for mail delivery.
People who never normally send mail decide to send an ‘old fashioned Christmas card” but cannot remember the address for the recipient…
So they write something like “aunty Mary, hill street” on the envelope……
I shit you not, we get that crap every year..
As if I’m expected to know the names of everyone in the 1000 odd addresses on my round…!
Fuck off!
We have a stamp for undeliverable mail, It has various tick boxes for the reason the mail is undeliverable.
“no such number’
“insufficient address”
“no delivery point” ( no mailbox)
I think there should be another box that just says “fuck off you lazy twatt and find the correct address”
I have a courier package today with the address “some name’ some road’ (name and road changed to protect the guilty)
No house number.
The road in question is several kilometres long and has 340 addresses…
You have to ask yourself, what is the mentality of the sender. Did they just hope it would get the the correct house?
If you want your shit delivered, at least give us a chance of getting it to the right address.

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