Summer again

I really need to update this blog more often.. Not that anyone gives a shit what’s happening in my life but if I don’t write stuff down how can I remember how good or bad stuff has been?

Right, where to start? I’m a grandparent twice over now and soon to be three times! So happy about that. My first grandchild born to my daughter in Aussie is nearly 2 years old now and I haven’t been able to see her thanks to covid.. Number two is on the way over there, so hopefully this covid garbage will subside soon and allow borders to open.
My son and his wife have just had their first child, a boy, and they are only 30 minutes away in the next city so at least I’ve been able to see one of my grand children.

What else has happened.. Oh yes, I purchased my brothers KTM RC8R from his estate (well from his sons technically). It had been in storage for over two years and has dropped out of the system as far as being road legal etc goes. I had to spend quite a bit on it to get it running and road legal again but now it sits in the shed alongside the Griso. I take it for the occasional spin when I want to scare the shit out of myself..

I bought a greenhouse, a plastic tunnel house really. Two metres by three metres and its currently full of chillis which are doing well.

The pond is doing well and I have added two 200 litre drums into the filter system which effectively raises the ponds water capacity from 600 to 1000 litres. Temperature fluctuations are an issue with such a small pond and it can vary from 15c to 30c over a 24 hour period. Hopefully the added capacity will dampen the temperature swings a little.

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