Winter is coming

Its been a pretty uneventful summer. I should be thankful I guess, we were able to get out and enjoy our summer here in NZ. Many places around the world are still in various stages of Covid lockdown, while we are essentially free of the disease in the community and as such are not restricted in any way.

Ive been on annual leave for the last 6 weeks and while I haven’t been doing the usual long distance travel style holiday, its been great to wake up every morning and not have my day pre planned by someone else..
To me the ‘not working’ part of a holiday is the most important. It doesn’t matter if you stay at home and just mess around in the back yard, or catch up on little things you wanted to do. Not having to give the best part of you day to some corporate entity is so good..

I’ve done a little fishing over summer, not a great deal but it’s been a leisurely affair and I’ve enjoyed most of it. I’ve put a few fish on the table here and there, spent many hours on the beach just being there. I’m not a hard core fisherman. I don’t burn the candle at both ends trying to fill the bin, or gain competition points etc. Competition doesn’t interest me. I fish for enjoyment and the occasional feed of fresh Snapper or Gurnard.
I have friends for whom fishing is about catching the most and the biggest etc. They are amazingly skilled and driven to do the absolute best they can every time they go out.
Here in NZ the daily limit for Snapper is 9 fish (in this region). My total catch for the whole season is less than one daily allowance. I have tried to play that game before, but I’m just not skilled or driven enough to catch 9 fish in one 24hour period. Plus to me it becomes like work, not fun any more.

Years ago ( decades ago) I used to keep aquarium fish at home. Cold water fish, or tropicals when you could get them. A few months ago I decided to get a fish tank in the lounge to take place of the TV that we never use. (we never watch TV) I was amazed at the ease of fish-keeping these days. You can buy everything you need, and lots of stuff you didn’t know you needed….
Back in the day (1980’s) a fish tank was made of glass panels glued together with silicone. Rudimentary and somewhat ugly compared to the beautiful curved glass tanks available now. Heating and filtration systems built in. So easy.
I purchased a medium sized 125 litre tank and stand. I set it up for tropical fish and added an extra canister filter inside the cabinet. Its a pleasurable, soothing interlude to just sit and watch the fish for a few minutes each day.

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