Monthly Archives: Oct 2020

Age is only a number..

Having turned 60 this year I must confess I’m starting to feel my age..
The mind is willing (sometimes) but the body says “you’ve got to be joking”..
Also one finds things don’t always work as they used to (but I won’t go into that here) and Doctors start recommending various tests as a matter of course..
I feel like an old car with faded paint and a few rust holes..

Speaking of rust, when I finally did manage to get to actually speak in person to a Doctor (well a nurse actually because Doctors seem to be off limits and you can only get to see one after you have been tele-diagnosed over the phone, deemed sick enough to actually visit the health centre, and finally been examined but a nurse.)
Anyway, after running the gauntlet of phone calls and questions I finally got an appointment with a nurse who took one look at the lump growing on my head and exclaimed “thats gotta come off”.
Having duly taken photos and typed out a message to the DOCTOR she then sent me home to await yet more phone calls.

A week or so later I get permission to see a Doctor and upon looking at the growth on my head he pretty much said the same thing as the nurse did a week earlier.
An appointment for surgery was made.

The offending skin cancer was duly removed but because of its position (between eye and ear) it was a long tedious 2 hour job.
So armed with various drugs, bandages and $800 (more than a weeks pay) lighter, I went home and now await the next phone call from a lab, to tell me just what the hell was that thing they cut off..