Sometimes you just have one of those weekends….

It started will all good intentions. A trip away to east cape, catch a few fish.

I loaded the van on Friday and set off for Mohaka as a stepping stone to going further north.

In 38+ degree temps and no aircon I drove to Mohaka.
I got there and parked up in a likely spot.
First cast snapped off and birdnested the spool #$%^&&!!!!
I thought to myself “what a shit start to the day”
Nevermind.. Slipped on another reel and continued.
Got a nice hookup, a reasonable snapper by the feel of it. Suddenly, gone.. @##%%^!!
Nevermind, new baits deployed.
Another hookup, a little 34cm snap hits the beach, nice.
Nothing else until I hit the sack at 10pm
Up again at 4am baits in, but no further action.

Left Mohaka and headed up to Hicks Bay, HOT A.F all the way.
The mates weren’t due to arrive til late afternoon so I killed time fishing off the rocks beside the wharf for a few hours.
I wasn’t expecting much in the clear sunny midday heat and that proved to be right, no bites at all.
Had enough of the heat so parked up in the shade to wait for the boys to arrive.

When they arrived we headed out onto the sand and setup for the wade and cast fishing. Its something rare to me because most the beaches I normally fish are not suitable to wading.
The water was pleasantly warm to wad in but I soon found that my freespool reels didn’t have enough line for this sort of carry on.
By the time you’ve waded to waist deep and hurled out your best cast, then waded back to the beach you’ve run out of line before getting back to the rod stand. #@&#%^!

The fish weren’t interested in coming 30m closer to eat my baits, and I couldn’t get a bait out to where they were. The other guys with fixed spool reels had plenty of line and could wade out further. They were into some nice fish.

I persevered until dark and decided to head back over the hill to TeAraroa for some dry-feet fishing as I’d had success there before.
Pitch black when I got there so couldn’t really see what or where I was fishing into. Lines out anyway but baby Tope sharks was all I could catch..
My buddies over the hill sent me pics of all the lovely snapper they were catching…nice…
By this time I was feeling the effects of being awake for 19 hours and crawled into the van for some sleep.
Five in the morning lines back in but all Tangaroa would let me have was more baby Topes..
By 8am I’d had enough of the baby sharks and admitting defeat, decided to head south before the heat became unbearable.

I had just under half a tank of gas left having filled up in Gizzy on the way up. I new I wouldn’t get back to Gizzy on what I had left but figured maybe I’d get to Tologa. I wasn’t worried because I had a 20L can of spare gas on the back and could always chuck that in if I needed to.
Between Tokomaru and Tologa I could see I wasn’t going to make it so I pulled over to siphon the spare gas into the tank. What I failed to remember was that the full gas can on the rear wheel gate had been in the sun all weekend and as I popped the lid open it sprayed a good litre of so all over me. Shit..$#&%^!
Quickly stripped of my petrol soaked clothing and towelled of (thankful I wasn’t on a main highway..)
Got some clean clothes on and finished transferring the fuel.
Petrol soaked clothes put in a plastic bag and sealed up but now the inside of the van smells like petrol all the way home.
Filled up in Gizzy, enough to make it to Napier easily.
Got to Whakaki and decided to pull over and take a look at the sea.
It was stinking hot and no breeze. Decided not to stay and carry on home.
The van wouldn’t start. Electric fuel pump was overheating and couldn’t get up enough fuel pressure.
I grabbed a bottle of cold water out of the fridge and emptied in over the fuel pump.
That was enough to get things going again and I was off.
I get stuck behind a Grandma going up the devils-elbow climb at 20kph and the fuel pump overheats again. The van is now stuck next to the armco on a very tight winding road…#%%^*!!! FFS!🤬

Thankfully a young bloke in a ute stops and offers me a tow to the top. (You Sir are a Top bloke!)
Out of immediate danger I crawl under the van and empty another bottle of water over the fuel pump which is too hot to touch.
I few moments later if fires right up and I’m on my way again.
So I got home eventually, exhausted, depressed, pissed off, {insert negative emotion here} with one small snapper to show for my 700km of weekend away.🤬

I opened the door and was greeted by my lovely wife handing me a cold beer 🙂


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