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Epic East Cape

We had this one planned for a while. A mate has this event at Cape Runaway every June and this year things came together for us and we were able to get a break to go.
Rather than head straight to Runaway, we decided to go the scenic route up the east coast and stop in at various places to camp and fish as we travelled.
We had excellent weather and excellent company, the fishing up that way was just awesome.

Ocean Beach

We had quite a long period or calm seas and settled weather, when this happens you head to Ocean Beach and hunt for Gurnard. The first day it was sunny and flat calm but absolutely dead, I caught 3 of them the second day. This was way above expectations as Gurnard have become so rare in HB due to commercial pressure and habitat issues.

2016-05-10 15.03.04a


Did a day trip to Mohaka, which in hindsight is a crazy thing to do in May because the place is just crawling with baby sharks at this time of year. Its a good way to force a redo of all traces when you get home.

2016-05-29 11.42.27

2016-05-29 12.27.18a

Winter 2016

Ok so I’ve been really slack about updating this website in any sort of timely fashion. Not that I’ve done a lot of fishing either, but there have been a few adventures and discoveries over the last few months which I will report on below.

Kingfish in Pandora Estuary!
Yes while walking on the old embankment road bridge one day I discovered there were massive schools of Grey Mullet swimming up the estuary. But even more exciting was the fact that Kingfish were lurking under the bridge and crashing through the schools as they came near.

Photos and Video below.
Grey Mullet