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A king at last

Finally, after years of trying I got one. Last Pania SCC field weekend I decided not to drive to far away beaches in search of fish. All reports from those who had were somewhat dismal and I decided to save my petrol and fish locally. If I was going to catch nothing anyway, why waste petrol and $$ to do it?
So I fished local beaches and as expected pickings were very slim. A few small Kahawai up to about 40cm was all I could manage.

2015-01-24 20.28.12As I mentioned in the last post, January is Kingfish time, so in the end I put a 40cm kahawai out as a live-bait and left it to do its thing while trying all sorts of cut baits on the other rod.
Nothing showed any interest in my Kahawai, or indeed the baits on the other rod, until about 8pm. Just on sunset I noticed my live-bait getting quite agitated. The rod tip bouncing as it tried desperately to get away.
Then it stopped bouncing and the rod slowly took on a big bend. As I got to the rod and pulled it out of the stand, all hell broke loose.
The poor old Daiwa screamed in protest as mr Kingfish decided to go somewhere else, fast!

Only having 8kg line on the reel I had to be a bit careful and resist the urge to try and ‘deal to it’, instead letting it run and keeping as much constant pressure as I dared.
The fish would make a burning run and stop for a while as I slowly put line back on the spool. Then it would scream off again and take all my hard won line away again.
I learned another thing too, stiff 14ft surfcasting rods kill at both ends!
M1250007Twenty minutes later with burning arm muscles I managed to spot the tell-tale yellow fins in the water just beyond the first wave.
In the mean time a fellow surfcaster from down the beach had taken an interest in my struggle and was now standing behind me with cellphone camera at the ready.
A lucky wave gave me the opportunity to ‘surf’ the fish in on its side and I had my first ever land based Kingfish of 15.34kg


First fish of the year

Realistically what are the odds of you catching anything other than a Kahawai at this time of year? Probably an 80% chance of Kahawai over any other species.
December through to early February are usually pretty lean times for surfcasters around Napier. The seas are usually flat calm, days are hot, and the fish (gurnard and Snapper) are out in deeper water. Exceptions to this would be Kahawai and Kingfish.
River mouths are well populated with fishermen at this time of year. Spinning for Kahawai, or live-baiting for Kingfish.
As I don’t like fishing shoulder to shoulder with others, I tend to try and find my own space even if its away from the so called ‘productive areas’. Ocean beach can also be busy at this time of year, but if you have a quad or a 4wd vehicle there are many kilometres of beach to explore.
I hadn’t been out there for quite a while so I drove the entire beach to have a look and see how it’s changed. And change is does. After every period of bad weather the channels and holes move or fill up and relocate somewhere else.
Yesterday I discovered the usual Ocean Beach sandbar was fencing off most of the beach in a continuous channel with very few holes or ‘gates’ to the open sea.
I drove along looking for a break in the channel where all that trapped current would exit to the ocean again. A decent rip gouged out by all that exiting water usually makes for better fishing.

A rip where trapped water from the inner channel  exits to the main ocean.

A rip where trapped water from the inner channel exits to the main ocean.

A solid Kahawai caught in the rip above

A solid Kahawai caught in the rip above