100 year storm

Photo: Mark Roberts

It’s pretty hard to keep a fishing blog going when you’ve done bugger all fishing. Unfortunately the weather has been total crap for at least a month. The seas have been and still are filthy, and those conditions do not inspire enthusiasm for fishing anyway.
On the upside, a few good fish were caught in the last month over on the west coast I hear. I must make the trek one day and have a go over there.
A mate has also just returned from the far north with tales of awesomely easy fishing. Snapper whenever you want one, big trevally etc. Thats another place on my bucket list. Might be a while that one though, its a bloody long way up there and my current vehicle doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in long distance travel. Not to mention the hundreds of dollars in fuel it would use.

Still it would be nice to have confidence when going fishing. Confidence that there would actually be fish to be caught in the area.  As I write this we have just had another week of wind, rain and stormy seas. I’m guessing my hunt for a snapper will have to wait for next season now. when this weather finally settles the bay will be full of spiny dogs and red cod.
Winter is upon us.
That makes me wonder, where do the snapper actually go (or where would they go if there was any) in the winter?
Do they go out to deep water, or do they move north up the coast?