No luck

Well its mid November and I haven’t managed to catch a fish in the last 6 outings… I’m starting to think my luck (such as it was) has deserted me entirely.
The only plus side to this predicament is that fact that I’m not alone in this.
Many of my fishing mates have also had zero-catch fishing trips in the last two months.
I have ventured north to Mahaka three times, Aropaoanui, and Ocean beach, plus all the usual haunts locally but the sea seems to be empty.

Michelle with her first ray.

Michelle with her first ray.

The only fun we’ve had was a couple of small eagle rays one afternoon at Aropaoanui. Both were released.

The fishing can only get better, it would be damn hard to get any worse.

2 thoughts on “No luck

  1. hek

    How are you Chris? – Greetings from Clive. I was out at the Hamoana river mouth this morning and caught 1/2 dozen kahawai and there’s been plenty the last few outings I’ve been down there. The problem is I’m kind of over kahawai. Never ever caught a snapper off the beach. Kingi a couple of times but that’s about it. Not much of a traveller doesn’t help but in the bay itself I’m thinking I see the trawlers 1/2 a dozen or so looking like they corale the fish between them seeing them on the horizon close to cape kidnappers even as close as maybe 1/2 a kilometer off the beach. There was a patch there last year not alot of fish around. Don’t know if that’s a cause or not but would dearly love to catch a snapper.


  2. Chris Post author

    I’ve caught the odd small snapper but no kings – they’re on the bucket list along with a few other species 🙂


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