Monthly Archives: Apr 2013


For me, travelling north for an hour or more seems to be the only way to catch a feed.  I write this after fishing a local beach with three rods on a perfect looking evening for no fish.
Even after providing a veritable smorgasboard of baits ( Pilchard, Anchovy, Skipjack & Crayfish) there were no fish around.  I’ve come to the conclusion that fishing the beaches around Napier is a very hit and miss occupation.

That’s not to say going North is any guarantee of catching anything, but my own results point at a far higher number of dud trips down here than up there.

So enough of last night, and back to the good stuff  of two weeks ago 🙂
snapperApril fools day turned out to be no joke for me.  Arriving at Whakaki, I took an exploratory drive down the track behind the dunes heading back towards Wairoa. The track started to get very soft and the poor old van was struggling. So rather than risk getting stuck I turned back and chose a clear spot in the dunes about 1km from the car park.

The sea was dead flat and clean, ideal Gurnard water, but much to my surprise sunseta small Snapper was the first thing I caught. Over the next few hours, and up until dark I managed to catch three small Snapper and six Gurnard. My best ever haul of fish. Once it got dark the bite stopped, and although I fished until late at night and got up at 4am to fish again there was no further action at all.

If only we could expect similar results every time, life would be great 🙂