Smoked Kahawai

Yesterday we caught 3 decent Kahawai at Aropaoanui. The sea was pretty rough and I didn’t hold out much hope of catching anything else, but hey, there’s nothing wrong with Kahawai!

A few weeks back I purchased a smoker from my local Hunting & Fishing store. I’d tested it on Lemonfish (very nice too) but wanted to put it to the test on Kahawai. Now was my chance..

The fish were scaled and filleted and then laid out on newspaper. Plain salt was rubbed into the flesh and the whole package rolled up and put into the fridge overnight. The salt and newspaper suck the excess moisture out of the fillets. Then undo the package and rub brown sugar into the fillets. Put them back in the fridge for a few hours.

Into the smoker they go. Fifteen minutes later, the best Kahawai you ever had 🙂
Ready to smoke 15minutes Perfect Yummm

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