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Smoked Kahawai

Yesterday we caught 3 decent Kahawai at Aropaoanui. The sea was pretty rough and I didn’t hold out much hope of catching anything else, but hey, there’s nothing wrong with Kahawai!

A few weeks back I purchased a smoker from my local Hunting & Fishing store. I’d tested it on Lemonfish (very nice too) but wanted to put it to the test on Kahawai. Now was my chance..

The fish were scaled and filleted and then laid out on newspaper. Plain salt was rubbed into the flesh and the whole package rolled up and put into the fridge overnight. The salt and newspaper suck the excess moisture out of the fillets. Then undo the package and rub brown sugar into the fillets. Put them back in the fridge for a few hours.

Into the smoker they go. Fifteen minutes later, the best Kahawai you ever had 🙂
Ready to smoke 15minutes Perfect Yummm


Last weekend the Pania Surfcasting Club had a two day fish at Mohaka. I’d never fished Mohaka before so after work on Saturday morning I loaded up the van and headed up there not sure what to expect.

Blistering summer heat and clear skies are not ideal fishing conditions.

Blistering summer heat and clear skies are not ideal fishing conditions.

It was blistering hot (the weather not the fishing) so its no surprise bugger all was caught during the day. However the dusk and incoming tide combination produced an hour or so of ‘bite time’ on the Saturday evening, and a similar flurry at dawn on Sunday.

By 8pm Saturday evening I was still looking at an empty fish bin, and wondering if this trip would be yet another waste of gas. Then as the sun faded away the sharks came out. I landed a couple of small Tope and replaced the shredded traces. Then I caught a large paddle crab. Having not had any luck getting a Lemonfish to take my Prawn-Tails bait, I chopped the crab up and used that.

Fresh crab did the trick and I soon had a small lemonfish in the bin.
That was pretty much it for the evening. I fished until midnight and crawled into the van for a snooze.

Worth getting up early even just for the view...

Worth getting up early even just for the view…

Up again just before dawn and the sea was dead flat. At about 5am the gurnard came on the bite and I managed to catch two of them before the sun came up turned the fish off.
I fished until about 9am but the heat and lack of any more action persuaded me to call it a day.

The lemonfish was the first fish to go in my new smoker, it tasted great and smoking is now my preferred method of preparing those.  So although fishing was reasonably hard, the trip was still worthwhile and a feed of fish afterwards is all we can really ask for 🙂

Beach Etiquette

Its mid summer and it seems everyone heads to the beach. Fair enough, NZ has more than enough beach to go around. There should be plenty of room for everyone.
But it seems there is less and less courtesy and consideration being used by beach goers these days.

Great! Swim in between my lines you pratts!

Great! Swim in between my lines you pratts!

Today I decided to go fishing for the afternoon. In hindsight this was a bad move.
Its a Sunday afternoon in January and most of the easily accessible beaches are crowded with day-trippers and holiday makers. That’s to be expected I guess.
I drove past several of my regular fishing spots and noticed that they were already occupied with either surfasters or swimmers.
No problem, I’ll keep searching. After all, they were there first, and what right would I have to barge in and start fishing in among them?

Eventually I ended up at Tangoio Beach and while there were at least a dozen cars there, most of them belonged to the surfers who disappear around the cliffs to their chosen spots. The beach was free of swimmers and other fishermen.
Great! I setup and got the rods out.

Now it is a sunny afternoon and expectations of catching anything significant are pretty low.
Its nice however to at least have a chance of catching something.
A few more cars arrive, they’re families with kids, beach towels, etc.
They then proceed to run down the beach and swim right between my rods!
How ignorant is that?
Actually I’m not sure if it’s ignorance or arrogance.
There’s several kilometres of uninhabited beach at their disposal, and they need to swim right in between my rods…

I decide to leave before I say something nasty to the (obviously ignorant) parents. Something along the lines of “thanks for ruining any chance of me catching any fish you idiots!”)

So, if you’re reading this, and you don’t fish. Or perhaps you’re a surfer, or a jetski enthusiast.. Here are some basic common sense beach etiquette rules:

  1. When you get to the beach and find surfcasters already fishing there, move along the beach to a clear space, and by that I mean at least 200 metres away. Don’t swim among surfcasters rods. You will scare away any fish that might have been in the area and generally ruin their day.
  2. Don’t launch your surfboard and paddle out past our lines for the same reason above. We don’t want to watch your moves on the waves, go and show off to someone who cares!
  3.  We don’t want to see your shiny new jetski or wetbike zooming around the waves either, bugger off and disturb someone else.

If a fisherman is there first, leave him/her be. Give him space, lots of space. He/she has worked all week to get a day off and go fishing. You chasing all the fish way is not going to impress anyone…