September and Snapper

Late September is the time of year Hawke’s Bay surfcasters wait for.  This is the time for big snapper to turn up and hopefully, get caught.
There have been a few  really big ones caught in the last two or three weeks. Fish over 8kg and up to 13kg!
Connecting with one of these beauties can be a bit of a lottery as they are not about in huge numbers, and its all about having a bait in the water at the right time and in the right place.

Napier Port viewed from Bay View at night.

There have been endless discussions on what exactly is the right time and place, but there is general consensus that fishing in the evening is better because the fish are not so shy in coming close to shore under the cover of darkness.

So just to throw a spanner in the works, the biggest fish decided to show us that we really have no understanding of their movements.
A 13.4kg fish was caught at 8am in Mahia and a 11.8kg fish was caught at 2.30pm in Napier. So much for our theories about fishing in the dark. But then fishing is always like that, just when you think you have it sorted, the fish say otherwise. 🙂

As for me, no luck yet. I’ve given it 4 or 5 outings in the dusk/evening during the last two weeks but no bites at all, from anything..

Oh well, maybe October will be my month to win a fish lottery 🙂


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