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Winter weather continued..

A recently dead seal pup on the beach at Whirinaki.

I was going to say ‘autumn weather’ but I guess thats just wishful thinking.  At least things are starting to settle a bit. We’ve had a few weeks of rough seas and dirty water, and even some of the creatures that nature has evolved to be equipped for this don’t make it.

Today while fishing at Whirinaki beach I took this photo of a very skinny and very dead seal pup. My guess would be starvation. Pretty hard to catch a feed when the water is rough and filthy for weeks on end.

The sea was pretty clean today, a few big swells but nothing too serious. No fish though.

Winter weather

Bad fishing weather – a good time to watch Fishing TV

What to do when the weather is bad?
Well, we really are lucky in this country to have so much readily available fishing TV and video for the times when the weather is rubbish and we cant go fishing ourselves.

Those of us with a broadband internet connection ( and a reasonable  monthly data cap ) can enjoy watching hours of top quality fishing TV on our computers while the rest of the family watch the mindless drivel of ‘reality TV” in the lounge.

We have at least 4 good quality fishing TV shows running at the moment, and most of it is available on-demand via the internet.
Some links for you:

TVNZ – Match Fishing League

TV3 – ITM Fishing Show

TV3 – Big Angry Fish

TV3 – Gone Fishin

TV3 – Outdoors With Geoff

Fish-n-Hunt TV

And if that’s not enough for you, Youtube is always worth a look 🙂