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The cost of fishing (part 2)

A while back we had a discussion relating to money, or the lack of, and whether or not having more of it makes you a better fisherman.  The consensus was no, it doesn’t.
Sure having a plentiful supply of cash can get you into good quality equipment, or the latest gear. It can even buy second hand knowledge in the form of books and guided trips.

Money won’t make you a better fisherman.
What is can do though, is allow you to catch more fish.

No that’s not a contradiction.
In the context of surfcasting, having plenty of expendable income allows you to travel to better spots. It allows you to travel more often. (That’s assuming you don’t already live in one of the areas that has and abundance of fish.)

I was once chatting to a local surfcasting guru lamenting my lack of catch from beaches around Napier. His reply was “you need to go where the fish are”.
Expanding on that, he said that any fisherman who can catch a fish around here, will catch huge amounts of fish in the better area’s up north.
Those who live in fish-rich areas don’t have to try very hard to catch a fish. Those who live in less favourable areas have to learn all the tips and tricks they can in order to catch something.

Lemonshark or Rig caught on crab bait

Its interesting chatting with fishermen who have access to wonderful coastline and plentiful fish. They have little concept of catching nothing at all on a fishing trip. They find it hard to believe that would occur. Whereas people from the other end of the spectrum find it difficult to comprehend catching your limit number of fish. One snapper to a Napier surfcaster is a great catch. One snapper to a Northlander would be considered a very poor days fishing.
Different areas, different expectations.

You could be the best fishing guru around, but if you were limited to fishing a largely barren or over-fished area because you couldn’t afford the travel or the time off work, you are probably going to be out fished by Joe average who can afford the money and time off work to drive up to the far north where there are dense populations of fish and less people chasing them.

Another example is those who use the services of charter boats. I’ve been on charter boats myself. People who hardly know which end of a fishing rod to hold, are able to catch all sorts of fish within the allotted one or two day trip.
How?, because of the skill and knowledge of the staff on the boat.
They take you to where the fish are.
They rig your gear and baits for you.
They tell you when and how to use it.
You, end up catching lots of fish.
That’s how it works, and that’s how having money can help you catch fish.