Michelle with a nice (nearly winter) Kahawai

Well I guess that’s it. Summer, such as it was, is over.
I’m actually quite pleased really. For me the summer has been a non-event fishing wise. When I look back through my catch records, I realise I actually caught more fish last winter than I did through this last summer.
I didn’t manage to catch any Snapper or Moki, but did catch a couple of gurnard and a few Kahawai. Both of which I’ve caught in winter before anyway so I’m looking forward to more of that.

Kahawai especially seem to be (to me at least) caught more frequently during the colder months than in the summer. Or at least the size is better. Lots of small baitfish size Kahawai are around in the summer but more of the adult size fish seem to be available during winter.

They don’t mind dirty water either. Yesterday’s fishing expedition went from the clean water at Whirinaki, where we got no bites at all, to the dirty water at Awatoto, where we caught two good Kahawai for dinner 🙂

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