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Last Chance To Defend Our Coastal Rights

This week, a half page advertisement promoting our Citizens Initiated Referendum is being published in many community newspapers around the country. Please do whatever you can to raise awareness of this ad by bringing it to the attention of family and friends, pinning it on public noticeboards, taking it to clubs and other organisations you are involved in, writing letters to the editor of the paper urging people to sign it and get involved in promoting it, phoning local talkback radio stations to explain that this is the one and only chance for the public to stand up against a law that is not in the best interests of the country, and so on.

*Don’t forget that more information and petition forms are available on our website at

Citizens Initiated Referendum.pdf

Persistence finally pays off

Mark Roberts with a 7.5kg Snapper

Not for me personally, but for a good mate of mine Mark Roberts. Many people when they see a good fish like this will exclaim ‘you lucky bugger’ or words along those lines. But its not all luck.

Catches like this might be easy or commonplace in certain areas of New Zealand, but here in Napier that’s not the case.  There can be many many fishing trips, years even, between catches of big snapper.
Persistence, knowledge, preparation, and yes finally, a little luck does come into play.

Persistence, I believe is the main key in this area of the country.
Most people in this area have a fair idea when to fish, when not to fish. What sort of weather is best, what sort of bait to use. How to present that bait, what sort of terminal tackle to use, and they do these things every time they go out fishing.
But that’s not enough.  You have to do all that, but you have to do it often. You may go out on dozens, if not hundreds of fishing trips before you catch a fish like this. But eventually someone gets one.

The fishing grapevine is good at exaggerating the talk when someone around Napier has landed a big one. You hear statements like ‘big snapper are being caught at spot x’.
The real translation of this is ‘someone out of the hundreds of fishermen who have fished hundreds of hours at spot  x over the last few months has finally caught one’.

Every year snapper, and big ones too, are caught in the most unlikely places around Napier. Places that are thrashed day in and day out by surfcasters. This is I believe, more due to fishing pressure than anything else. If there are enough lines in the water enough of the time, eventually someone is going to catch the one that happens to swim past.

This is probably why so many of Napier’s serious surfcasters travel far and wide in search of fish. Catching a feed of fish is not guaranteed anywhere, but as a general rule, the further north you travel the better your chances. So you can fish local beaches for months on end in the hope of a good fish, or you can spend the money on fuel and travel elsewhere in the expectation of better odds.

Then when you get home, you find someone has dragged out a big one on your back doorstep 🙂
Well done Mark!