Weird weather

Hail stones on the beach

Our weather seems to be in two minds at the moment, sometimes it reassures us the summer is on the way, and then knocks us back to winter with southerly rain and even hail!
Changeable, I think they call it.
It’s to be expected in springtime I guess, but lately we’ve been getting all seasons in one day.

The good news is the water is getting warmer, and thus better species of fish are turning up. In the last two days I’ve caught Gurnard and Kawhai whilst dodging searing sun, thunderstorms, cold southerlies and hail, all within the space of a few hours.  Weird yes, but that’s fine if the fish are biting. One theory held true though, surfcasting in the blazing sun, is nowhere near as productive as less comfortable overcast, rainy weather.

Further north at Mohaka and Wairoa , there are reports of the occasional Snapper and big female lemons being caught. If you happen to catch a big Lemonfish at this time of year, remember to perform an immediate cesarean section and release the babies.

Hail stones in the footprints

The storm moves offshore




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