Monthly Archives: Sep 2011

“Fishy” looking water

I read and hear the term ‘fishy water’ quite often, indeed I’m guilty of having used it myself but what constitutes ‘fishy water’?

We all have our own perceptions I guess. When I turn up at the beach and look at the sea I have a feeling, or instinct that says “i want to fish there” or perhaps “that doesnt look very good”.

Is it based on experience? Eg: we have caught fish in these sort of water conditions before, so our instinct says ‘fish here’.

Is it based on something else? For the most part I can personally dismiss the experience theory, as I have caught fish in rubbish looking water before, and missed out completely when fishing in (what I thought) was good looking water in equal measures.

Is it based on the species being sought? I personally have caught bigger snapper in dirty water than in clean. Continue reading