Monthly Archives: Aug 2011


Well, not much to say really. I haven’t been able to catch anything this month. The Kahawai seem to have disappeared for some reason. We’ve had some real crap weather here in the HB and the seas have been muddy for nearly the entire month. Still, one should be able to catch SOMETHING…
Paddle crabs are about the only thing available at the moment. This last weekend I put in a solid effort over the two days on three different beaches, using a variety of baits, pilchards, skipjack, prawns, crab and kahawai fillets but the result was still nothing.

Ocean Beach is a dangerous place for vehicles.

Ocean Beach was reasonably clean, and although swellmap was predicting wave faces of less than 0.5 metre for Ocean Beach, they were constantly tall enough to block the horizon from view. I’d guess the wave faces were more like 1-2 metres. The more I fish Ocean beach the more I’ve come to accept that you can easily double any swell or wave info predicted for that area by swellmap.

The surfies seemed to be enjoying it though. Its a pity some of them are such arrogant sods! We cruised the beach looking for a likely spot to fish, and there was a guy surfing in what would have been a good fishing spot. So we moved on a several hundred metres and started fishing. Then he jumps into his vehicle and drives past us and stops not 50 metres away and proceeds to surf right next to our lines!
Ten plus kilometres of beach and he has to encroach on someone elses space. Perhaps he just wanted an audience…
Not that I think we would have caught much anyway, I just would have liked to have had a chance.
Bring on September 🙂