Losing our freedom

It constantly annoys me that small sections of our society think they can impose their beliefs and rules on the majority.

In the 40 years that I’ve been fishing, I’ve seen many many freedoms lost. Things we would take for granted, and should still be able to take for granted!
Camping on the beach or river for a couple of days. Or even access to the beach or river. Our kids will no longer have that right. And a ‘right’ it is, and must remain.
And now some small sects want to ban vehicles from the beaches? Get Stuffed!
The politicians and local councils who listen to these groups, and endorse their stupid ideas need to be reminded that thousands of kiwis hunt, fish and VOTE! And they will be unceremoniously dumped in the unemployment cue if they upset us.

New Zealand is supposed to be a democracy where the majority rules. But do the majority ever get consulted? Fat chance.. These stupid people with their own stupid agendas get to make stupid rules that stuff it up for the rest of us.
I’m not just referring to the BOP issues. Its happening all over the place, closed access here, fees to pay there, inch by inch our birthright is been removed or held to ransom.

My partner who is from California is astounded at what we are still allowed to do here in NZ.
Drive on the beach? NO WAY!
Make a camp fire? NO WAY!
Fish any beach you want without licenses or permits? NO WAY!

If we want to preserve the status, and retain our birthright we need to get politically organised and kick the gov’t and local bodies where it hurts. Otherwise we will end up just like the US and I’m sure other countries where the rich own your rights.

The gov’t and local bodies work for you! You are their employers. If they don’t do what YOU want, Sack them.

Further reading about the privatisation and selling of YOUR RIGHTS – http://www.nzfishing.com/Articles/KiwiFishingHuntingPrivateorPublic.htm

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