Monthly Archives: May 2011


The weekends catch

May has (so far) been good. The seas have settled after the storm wreckage of April and a few summer species are still lurking. Water temp is still in the 16-17 degrees area so I’m guessing that’s why. A recent overnight  trip back to Wakaki and Tahaenui produced plenty of Kahawai and a few small Gurnard from perfectly clean and flat seas.

There’s an odd mix of winter and summer species around at the moment with Red Cod and Barracouta (winter fish) showing up in the catches alongside Gurnard and the very occasional Snapper.
It was a Pania Surfcasting Club Mates Weekend and I was playing ‘mate’ to Aaron who is a club member.
I lost a nice Lemon shark in the waves while trying to land it, and my fishing mate Aaron got cleaned out by two monsters unseen. One we picked as a big stingray, the other set off at high speed and couldn’t be stopped, unknown species but definitely big and fast..

Aaron Vs the Stingray