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This large Kahawai ate a livebait intended for Kingfish. It couldn't swallow the whole bait.

Summer is here finally! After a stuttering start we now have (mostly) clean calm seas and a few fish about as a bonus. No snapper of any consequence yet, but lots of Kahawai and the occasional gurnard are showing up. Further north things are even better, in fact 20kg Kingfish can be caught from the beach if you know what you’re doing. Live baiting, or slide-baiting is what I’m trying now. The procedure is relatively simple. Cast out a sinker only, as far as you can. Catch your live bait (  a string of sabikis produce nice size liveys from the surf easily) Use about a 2 meter trace with a snap-lock style swivel and clip it over your mainline. let the live-bait slide down the mainline into the surf. With a bit of luck it will swim out towards your sinker.