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[singlepic id=77 w=320 h=240 float=left]Fishing is supposed to be a relaxing pass time, and most of the time it is. But very occasionally it just goes crazy and you find yourself running up and down the beach re-baiting, casting, fighting fish without pause. A recent late afternoon visit to Whirinaki was exactly that. Big Kahawai and Trevally had us running around unable to keep a bait in the water. When the fish are feeding like this you sometimes dont even get rod back in the stand before something grabs the bait. 🙂


Paddle crabs caught in one hour in knee deep water at Ocean Beach HB.

Well nothing to report really. Weather has been rubbish (cold/wet) and we are still waiting for the arrival of summer here in Napier.
The expected arrival of the snapper hasn’t happened with any sort of consistency yet.
I’m guessing the water temps are still too cold, because the paddle crabs are in plague proportions and winter fish such as Baracuda and Red Cod are still being caught.
This all adds up to a rather late start to the season this year.

For those who are prepared to put in the long hours through the night though, there is at least a chance of a Snapper.
There have been sporadic reports of catches here and there, including this beauty caught by Mark Roberts at TeAwanga.

There have also been reports of Snapper being caught further north at Mahia and Bay of Plenty.
Hopefully they will make their way down here soon 🙂