Monthly Archives: Sep 2010


[singlepic id=74 w=320 h=240 float=left]Things should be warming up, various species (snapper) that have been absent for the past few months should be turning up.
In reality (so far) its been more of the same. With the exception of a few lemonfish showing up at Ocean Beach. My catches of late have been an odd mix of winter species (red cod), summer species (lemons), and oddball stuff like Octopus.

A baby Lemon - ready for release

I’ve seen Schools of Kahawai off Napier, albeit out of casting range, so things are slowly heading in the right direction..Summer 🙂

Back to the lemons. At this time of year the lemons are usually  full of young just about ready to hatch. When you catch a pregnant Lemon, its a good idea to perform an immediate caesarean section and release the young. They will swim off immediately, and hopefully grow into adult fish to be caught in years to come 🙂